The city of Larissa is one of the largest cities in Greece and the capital of Larissa Regional Unit, located in the center of eastern part of Thessaly.

Larisa is a contemporary town with big dominant squares, beautiful parks, historical and archaeological monuments and other cultural centers.

It has a great organized business center and a lot of world’s most popular brands have their branches here, with goods that can satisfy even the most demanding buyers.

The above reasons, together with the extensive pedestrianization of the business center (almost 70%) ,facilitate the visitor visiting it.The coexistence of shops with entertainment venues such as cafes, bars and restaurants, offering a comprehensive leisure proposal. No wonder that in recent years has become an ideal buying destination.Tourists prefer visiting Larisa, either as a stopover destination travelling towards North or South Greece or as part of their package holidays.

poli Larisas arxaio theatro
Ancient Theatre A'
poli Larisas parko alkazar
Alkazar Park
poli Larisas frourio
Fortress Hill

From the late 80s onwards, Larissa formed into a modern Greek city with a European identity. The city's skyline is dramatically changing, with regeneration of the center, with an extensive network of pedestrian walkways and in particular the area of the fortress, in order to determine the lost “city’s identity.”